Help us give the gift of clean water this December


This December, we are partnering with charity:water to sponsor the rehabilitation of a vital community well in Malawi. Starting December 1st, each time you search using Search for a Cause, you will be helping over 200 people gain access to clean water. 

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Why Clean Water?

Right now, 771 million people are drinking dirty water. We can change that. By providing better access to clean water, we’re investing in the hopes and dreams of families around the world. Children are able to attend school full-time. Women can start a business. Communities thrive. 

Charity:Water works with local partners to fund water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) programs for rural communities around the world. But their work doesn’t stop when construction ends. They remain committed to monitoring, evaluation, and maintenance to ensure that these programs operate sustainably for years to come.

How to participate

Use Search for a Cause

All money raised on Search for a Cause (SFAC) during December will go toward this project, so if you already use SFAC, keep Searching and tell some friends to try it out. 

If you haven’t tried SFAC, now is a great time! 

What is Search for a Cause?

Search for a Cause is a search engine we created in partnership with Yahoo that allows you to raise money for charity each time you search! Just like opening tabs, we are all searching multiple times per day, so it is an easy way to harness something you are already doing to raise money for amazing non-profits. 

We know switching search engines can be tough, but the impact you will have by using Search for a Cause is immense. So even if it's only on one browser profile, give it a shot! It is a tiny change in your routine that could make a big difference for people around the world. 

More About the Project